California VW 1974

Bob Barbour

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California VW 1974


California VW // Photographed by Bob Barbour 

- 100% Cotton
- Custom Photo Print
- Dyed & Enzyme Washed
- Super Soft, Slim Fit

    Part of the “Photographer” collection, this shirt features one of our photographers images that's been printed in California in a limited edition batch. Share and Enjoy Aloha!

    About Bob Barbour

    Born in Santa Monica, California, Bob Barbour was surfing Malibu by age 13, and was already taking pictures. “I had an interest in photography in high school,” he says, “but it wasn’t until I went to college at SDSU that my interest peaked. I had the great fortune of having Gene Kennedy as my photography teacher, and he taught me far more than simply the technical aspects; he opened a door that allowed me to look at the world and subjects with a unique confidence.” Barbour’s surf and photo passions led him to Hawaii, where everything came together: “My first trip to Hawaii was really a surf trip with my friend, Chris Hale. Even though I was just starting to shoot surfing, I took my gear along, hoping to capture some good shots. When I came back to California, I took the slides up to Surfing and showed them to Flame (Larry “Flame” Moore). As it turned out, they used a few images, and I made enough to pay for my trip. That was the first of many, many winters on the North Shore.” Through the seasons, Barbour perfected his personal water housing designs there, one of his trademarks. A stalwart staffer for both Surfing and Surfer during the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, Barbour has garnered a reputation for his natural lighting, exquisite eye for detail, and the patience to capture each frame as he imagined it.