Trade Winds 1977

Dan Merkel

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Trade Winds 1977


Tradewinds // Photographed by Dan Merkel // 1977

- 100% Cotton
- Custom Photo Print
- Dyed & Enzyme Washed
- Super Soft, Slim Fit

    Part of the “Photographer” collection, this shirt features one of our photographers images that's been printed in California in a limited edition batch. Share and Enjoy Aloha!

    About Dan Merkel

    Dan Merkel has been one of surfing's legendary lensmen for 30+ years. Dan "the Man Mountain" (nicknamed by Gerry Lopez) is responsible for some of the "Free Ride" era's most memorable images. His insatiable appetite for the best shot has had him on the go ever since. Abandoning still photography for commercial cinematography in the late seventies and into the 80's and 90's on projects like Big Wednesday, Endless Summer II and countless other films have benefited from Dan's keen eye and unwavering drive to be the best he can be. Today Dan still lives with that passion with his camera and subjects and is either seeking the perfect light or even on his water mat shooting surfing and ocean features.