Feelin It

Shirley Rogers

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Feeling It // Photographed by Shirley Rogers

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About Shirley Rogers

“When I moved to the North Shore in 1971, there were very few women living out there,” remembers Shirley Rogers, a Hawaiian born surfer, model, photographer, and actress. “It was like the Wild West, and even being local didn’t help – my first Nikon setup was stolen from my house! Thank God they didn’t get my Century lens.” Being one of the only local female surf photographers offered Rogers a slight advantage when it came to behind-the-scenes access: “The boys were more open and available to ham it up for me,” she recalls. “I was able to get some really great candid shots of them.” But scoring action shots from the beach was intensely competitive: “I had to prove I was serious about it. I guess standing eight to 10 hours a day in the hot sun and dragging 50 pounds of camera equipment, tripods, and lenses through the soft sand for miles earned some respect! Even more so when my pictures got published in the mags.” By the mid ’70s, the entire professional surf world descended upon the Seven Mile Miracle every winter, and it was impossible to miss a gorgeous, bikini-clad woman behind a massive lens. Lo and behold, inspiration easily found her: “Jack McCoy and Dickie Hoole asked me to shoot their Century lens at Waimea Bay for their surf mag, BackDoor, because they were doing water shots for their movie, In Search of Tubular Swells. The rest is history!”