Last Exposure 1969

Col Albert Benson

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Last Exposure 1969


Last Exposure // Photographed by Col. Albert Benson // 1969

- 100% Cotton
- Custom Photo Print
- Dyed & Enzyme Washed
- Super Soft, Slim Fit

    Part of the “Photographer” collection, this shirt features one of our photographers images that's been printed in California in a limited edition batch. Share and Enjoy Aloha!

    About Col Albert Benson

    Colonel Albert Benson was a true icon on the North Shore. After serving in multiple wars, he retired to Hawaii with his family and became interested not just in photography, but also in filmmaking, contributing to films like Cosmic Children and Free Ride. Using both his movie and still cameras, he captured timeless moments of the evolution of surfing through the 1960s and 70s. His kindness, generosity, and open-home policy for traveling surfers left a lasting impression on the North Shore. He embraced and lived the definition of aloha, and his contributions to not just photography, but to the community of the North Shore, will never be forgotten.