Morning Pipe Session 1979

Larry Pierce

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Morning Pipe Session 1979


Morning Pipeline Session // Photographed by Larry Pierce // 1979

- 100% Cotton
- Custom Photo Print
- Dyed & Enzyme Washed
- Super Soft, Slim Fit

    Part of the “Photographer” collection, this shirt features one of our photographers images that's been printed in California in a limited edition batch. Share and Enjoy Aloha!

    About Larry Pierce

    Growing up in Hawaii, Larry Pierce started surfing at age 14. His first shots came in ‘67 when his brother gifted him a Nikonos. “I can recall during the high school days on Oahu photographing Kaisers Bowl on the south shore, tracks on the west side….and eventually shooting on the North Shore in the early 70’s” Pierce remembered. He moved out to the North Shore in 1975 and immediately knew he wanted to photograph surfing for a living. He made a couple of submissions to Surfing Magazine and soon received a package with 6 rolls of Kodachrome from Larry “Flame” Moore. He and his wife eventually moved to Colorado, where his lens turned to winter sports. Pierce is still passionate about surfing and surf photography, which he still shoots on his yearly surf trips to Baja. “I truly feel blessed that I’m still pursuing a photographic career at 64. I love it!”