Mark Richards

Kirk Aeder

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Mark Richards // Photographed by Kirk Aeder

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About Kirk Aeder

Kirk Lee Aeder grew up in La Jolla, California where he developed a strong passion for photojournalism. Initially Kirk had little interest in surfing, but soon became inspired by his friend, classmate, and prodigy surfer Chris O’Rourke. During the mid 1970’s in high school several of Kirk’s photos were published in both Surfer and Surfing magazines. His mentors at the time were his older brother Erik, Larry Moore, and Jeff Divine. In 1979 Kirk became listed as a Contributing Photographer for Surfer Magazine, a title that has changed today to Senior Photographer. However everything changed when O’Rourke was diagnosed with cancer, a battle he valiantly fought until 1981. The drama ultimately changed Kirk’s life forever. In 1993 Kirk moved to the Big Island of Hawaii where he still lives today, along with his wife Nita. New photo subjects, such as the Kilauea Volcano, have captured his attention. His surfing photography still continues as well however, and another powerful regular foot, Shane Dorian, has now become his primary subject. His photojournalism has also progressed under the guise of IMOCO Media (first letters of In Memory Of Chris O’Rourke) as a tribute to his old friend. The cycle goes on…