Aloha Tee Red

The Lost & Found Collection

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Aloha Tee Red


- 100% Cotton
- Custom Design
- Dyed & Enzyme Washed
- Super Soft, Slim Fit

    Part of the “Aloha” collection, this shirt was custom designed and printed in California in a limited edition batch. Share and Enjoy Aloha!

    About The Lost & Found Collection

    My life changed one morning in 2007 when I discovered 3 file boxes at the Pasadena Flea Market, filled with over 30,000 film negatives. Once developed, I realized I had found a diverse cache of remarkable photographs that together capture the essence of beach and surfing culture in the 1970s. I’ve spent the last decade breathing some life into these frozen moments in time. I traveled the world, interviewing the original photographers and documenting their stories, in an attempt to pay homage to their artistry and to keep the spark alive of a time gone by. This experience has shown me many things; above all, the power of OHANA. These artists have fostered a global community founded in love and a shared passion, and live OHANA every day. I’m grateful for each contributor to Volume 1, who have all allowed me to assemble their art into the best representation of not just an era, but a lifestyle. Join us in our mission and help us continue to document history so we can share and enjoy the ALOHA!