Gerry Lopez

Ralph Cipolla

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Gerry Lopez // Photographed by Ralph Cipolla

 - NOTE: Everything is printed with the artist lockup & boarder included unless otherwise noted. We can print full bleed but prefer to include the lockup.

About Ralph Cipolla

Camera hobbyist Ralph Cipolla photographed his brother and friends surfing around their hometown breaks of Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Trips up and down the East Coast and to Puerto Rico furthered his passion for riding waves himself, as well as capturing the power and speed of the era’s stylish single fin surfing. He soon scored a published photo of David Balzerak at Wilderness in Surfing Magazine’s 1977 World Travel Issue. Late that same year, Cipolla took his first of three pilgrimages to shoot the best surfers on Oahu, Canon AE-1, 400mm lens, and 20 rolls of film in hand. “I traveled to Hawaii in the fall of 1977 with my good friend Dick Meseroll, who was a staff photographer for Surfing Magazine at the time. I paid some heavy North Shore dues by having some of my camera gear stolen in less than a week after arriving in Oahu; but luckily I’d insured all my gear before I left home. Eventually, I stretched a two-month trip into five months, living on Pupukea Road where Foodland was built. I was in awe of the waves and the surfing being done on the North Shore.”