Blacks California

Larry “Flame” Moore

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Blacks California // Photographed by Larry FLAME Moore 

 - NOTE: Everything is printed with the artist lockup & boarder included unless otherwise noted. We can print full bleed but prefer to include the lockup.

About Larry “Flame” Moore

Larry “Flame” Moore became a dedicated surfer during his teenage years, despite living inland in Whittier, California. Moore attended college at California State University at Long Beach, majoring in health education with a minor in photography. He was passionate about photography, surfing, and sailing, with dreams of shooting his own surf movie, and he was never without his cameras. Photography wasn’t just a hobby or a profession; it was a way of life. In 1976, Moore became Surfing Magazine’s photo editor, publishing images under his legendary alias, “Flame.” Moore played an integral role in giving many blossoming photographers their start, mailing them rolls of film and encouragement. Sadly, Flame was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2002 and passed away three years later. In 2006, Moore’s immediate and surfing families established the Follow the Light Foundation to support up-and-coming surf photographers with awards and grants.