Lance Trout

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Kammieland // Photographed by Lance Trout 

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About Lance Trout

As a young surfer from Florida, Lance Trout dreamed of riding waves at the famed Sunset Beach. “I had always watched it on television. ABC’s Wide World of Sports would air surf contests there with the great surfers in the ’60s and early ’70s,” Trout recalls. He also gravitated toward photography at a young age, mentored by his older brother, a staff photographer for the local newspaper. In February of 1975, he landed on Oahu with a Nikon body and an assortment of lenses, a Century 650mm lens, a tripod, and the offer to use his friend Chris Lundy’s surfboards. “I finally got to photograph Sunset Beach on my first North Shore photo experience. I was inspired to try to get some stills of what I remembered seeing on TV. A few days later, when I was able to go surf Sunset, I got pummeled and decided to photograph the bigger days and work my way up to surfing it.” A freelancer with Surfing and Surfer from ’75-’77, Trout then joined the staff of photographers at Surfing Magazine through 1980, spending season after season in The Islands. “Photography was the perfect hobby to have in those beautiful lands and seas of Hawaii.”