56th Street Newport Beach

Tim Bernardy

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56th Street Newport Beach // Photographed by Tim Bernardy


- NOTE: Everything is printed with the artist lockup & boarder included unless otherwise noted. We can print full bleed but prefer to include the lockup.

About Tim Bernardy

“I graduated from high school in 1970 and lived in a VW bus at Ala Moana Park that summer, surfing the South Shore but not shooting it,” says Southern Californian Tim Bernardy. “I picked up photography at CSUF while working toward a journalism major and started shooting on our trips to Ensenada.” Bernardy cut his chops with black-and-white film, which he developed and printed himself. He quickly found his groove using his favorite Nikon FM camera and a Century 500mm f/5.6 long lens, shooting Kodachrome 25 whenever possible. “I was one of the first surf photogs to capture travel in Mexico––not just the waves, but the people and culture. The surfing world media was focused on Hawaii and surf stars, but we were interested in travel. I remember the first time Flame gave me film for a trip––six rolls of 36 Kodachrome exposures and 10 rolls of black-and-white for three months in Mainland Mexico. Surfing Magazine published a six-page article titled ‘El Faro’, featuring my photography.”