RIP JOHN SEVERSON // 1933-2017

Life is strange as today while out with my wife enjoying this holiday weekend when all of the sudden I received a text. It was someone letting me know that Gregg Allman had passed but then an hour later another text came thru that we had lost one of surfings pioneers John Severson.

I had phone conversations with John thru-out the years as he was stoked on what I was doing with Lost and Found yet Im so bummed I never made it out to Maui for a visit. But in 2011 I had the opportunity to finally meet him as he was being recognizes at Surfer Poll. He was just like he was on the phone and it was really humbling to meet a man who accomplished so much. John pretty much did it all even though I was a bit to young to go and see his films I admired his craft. Today when you see a Severson poster it really stands out as a iconic piece of art.

In his later years John really got into painting. His flow with water color is quite special as his blending of colors make you feel the wave itself yet when he adds a surfer to his art it somehow makes you smile every time you look at it. For years I kept telling people to buy his art as it was so original. When I returned home for the Holidays after Surfer Poll I was surprised by my wife as she made a purchase from John for one of his original watercolors. That one piece of art still amazes me everyday and I will always remember what an Artist John was as he did it all...



RIP John Severson and THANK YOU for inspiring us all.