Patrick Flanagan

I first saw Pat’s work on Instagram. His Kodachrome colors were insane, so I had to seek him out. Pat started his career as a surfer, but in 1975 discovered that his passion lay on the other side of the lens. Inspired by craftsmen like Art Brewer, Peter Crawford, Jeff Divine, Aaron Chang, Steve Wilkings, Dan Merkel and Steve Core, he began capturing the waves of South Africa using a Practica SLR.

In 1981, Surfer magazine decided to stop using staff photographers to cover the IPS in South Africa. Instead, they sent Pat, Paul Naude and Paul Maartens for the job. “Africa has waves... some thousands of miles away, and many right on our doorstep.” he says. “All kinds of waves. From raw Southern Ocean power to groomed, playful, tropical nuggets, and everything in between.”

Beyond waves, Pat has turned his talented eye to the people and land beyond surfing. “In the last few years I’ve tried to emulate Art Brewer by shooting more and more portraits, looking for something beyond the obvious.”

Nowadays, Pat is involved with the South African Surfing Legends. The purpose of the organization? “To inspire, develop and mentor future generations of surfers through the celebration of our rich surfing heritage.”

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