It was a tremendous amount of work to put this event together, but we are so STOKED on what took place.  Marine Layer which is based in SF, was the first store who gravitated to the Lost & Found  book VOLUME ONE 1970-1979 last year.   As the summer approached, they wanted to host a L&F // MARINE LAYER event at their headquarters on California Street.



The event took place last Thursday and I am just beyond words at what took place.  Three days before the event I had packed my car with the 10 years of artifacts and gifts that have been given to be over the years by various people. The Marine Layer crew took it on their own to do a build out that was about 25 feet long encased plexiglass installation allowing viewers a chance to engage with the archive.

 At 8:30 we gathered the 400+ attendees and I took the stage to share the story and never ending journey of what L&F stands for.  From my storytelling to sharing footage of the interviews recorded over the last 10 years, it became apparent just how infectious this project is becoming.  With over 13 Photographers on board and a archive of now over 200,000 slides, I am truly honored and grateful for all the support.

As the night was coming to an end I looked around at the smiles and knew that I had just shared something special which was pure ALOHA.