Jack Morrison The Explorer

I first met Jack, a professional adventurer, explorer, and rafting guide, when his and my sons played football together. I never got to know him as well as I’d liked. And now, years later, I find myself surrounded by his work.

In 2008, Jack lost his battle to cancer. I received a call from that son I’d watched play football, Walker, who offered to send all of his father’s photography slides to me. A few nights later, my front door was consumed by 14 HUGE boxes filled with his memories and travels.

As I opened the first box, I was in awe of what this man had captured. In his travels across the world, it’s apparent how deeply he touched others with joy and love. All I could think about was how many rolls of film did this man take on each journey?

As of this posting, there are 13 more boxes to go through. I’m so excited to bring his amazing work to life for us all to enjoy and honor his memory. I don't know why these things happen to me but as they do, I better understand my mission: ART. PHOTOGRAPHY & SOUL. Share and Enjoy the ALOHA!!