Discovery of 1901

I have always loved art and photography and have always being inspired to seek new ways to create printing options. This Surfing archive had truly put me on a destiny to do so. I first discovered Horinski Printing randomly and decide to take a drive out to see their operation. Horinski Printing was founded in 1901 in San Francisco with a printing press the size of a car printing unique custom signs and slogans of the era as each letter was a metal type set placed into a block then would crank out prints. When the earthquake struck San Francisco in 1906 everything was destroyed except Mr Horinsky's printing press and type tools. He then packed it all up and headed to Oakland, Ca into a warehouse where he continued to create signs and art for decades.

Mr Horinsky is no longer around today but while he was running his business he had a Grandson named James. James was taught by his Grandfather and today runs the operation. When you first walk into the shop, which James runs solo you are bombarded by art and drawers filled with metal typeset pieces and the smell of history. In the back of the warehouse resides the old machine still in operation. James and I got together and I shared some of the images from the archive and he decided to burn a metal plate. We chose 2 images one being Larry Flame Moore's and Bob Barbour's and learned from trial and error that the plates needed the proper contrast and separation for printing and therefore we chose Larry's piece. We then chose a few pieces of paper to see what quality would create the most unique piece and once chosen the exploration began. 

The final piece of art created is the tallest of James as his free spirit layer paint on the plate while it was hit by the printer making each piece special. This labor intensive work he does allows only for a limited run as it is a combo image plate and paint coming together.