Australia's Bells Contest: Sandy Ordille

Every year the pro surfing tour lands at Bells Beach Australia just around Easter time. The waves are often big and bumpy with rip and currents running through them, particularly on the inside. The water is a little chilly but Rip Curl was sponsoring the event and they were very gracious to traveling pros; custom fitting tailored wetsuits with color too! I was outfitted with a short sleeve 3/2 mill which made it easier for paddling.  

 We used to have to do heaps of paddling at Bells before the advent of jet skis delivery to the outside after scoring a wave. Bells is one of the most difficult waves to ride backside because of the bumps, currents and rips but there was never a dull moment. I was traveling with Lynne Boyer and Becky Benson and a nice couple who worked at Rip Curl offered us a place to stay with them.

They are pictured in this photo guarding my blue and yellow Lightning Bolt shaped by Bill Barnfield. There names are Jo and Jan Simpson and we are still friends thanks to the new technologies. I want to send a big aloha out to all the competitors, sponsors and the people that support this incredible event: The Bells Beach Easter Classic. 

All photos from The Sandy Ordille Archive.

Pictured below are competitors Lynne Boyer and Sandy Ordille at The Bells Easter Classic 1979, getting ready for the next heat with are jerseys on and big waves outside!