Alvan Meyerowitz: Timemachine

The year was 1969, and with camera in hand Alvin captured the iconic scenes of WOODSTOCK.  He soon found himself in a red van driving across the country to San Francisco where he met legendary concert promoter Bill Graham. From that point on Alvan became immersed into San Francisco's music scene with some of the greatest bands to ever perform.  Jefferson Starship, The Grateful Dead, Crosby Stills Nash and Young and hundreds of others.

 With his camera loaded, using manual focus and 36 exposures he found himself clicking away not only on the stage with the band performing, but also was granted access back-stage, where only the select were allowed.  Today Alvan is 75 years old and there has only been a very small percentage of his work shown to the public.  Alvin is a simple man residing in the same apartment for over 50 years. Alongside the many magazines and newspapers from years past, there are 2200 plus or minus rolls of his film. These are images of some of music’s most iconic figures.

 When Alvan greeted me at the door for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the feeling of what it might have been like so many years ago.  As I wandered around, I could see images on the walls of Dylan, The Tubes, Grace Slick and many more. With my camera in my hand I began my journey with Alvin and have documented his stories for over 18 months. I have learned so much about this man, and sadly have seen his health deteriorate of the last year.   This past July Alvan vanished.  I tried in vain to find out information about what may have happened to him.  I eventually found out that he had been admitted to the hospital but the rest of the information was vague.   Two months later he phone rang and it was him. Alvin was back home and safe. Since his return I have started to go thru his archive and have scanned over 1300 images curating a show that will be premiered in Los Angeles at the MRR Gallery in Santa Monica on April 29.

The journey will continue as we film this epic road trip to Los Angeles, all the while allowing Alvan to photograph the whole way. I am so honored to have Lost & Found help curate Alvan's work and share it with the public. Through these many years of working closely with photographers, I have learned that this not only about taking care of the Artist, but also about respecting their work.

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