A tribute to the
original style makers.

Lost & Found is all about the artists. The generation that helped defined a culture, one roll of film at a time.


Chris Klopf

Born and raised in Mill Valley, just north of San Francisco, Chris started surfing in 1960 at age 10, and began shooting photographs in 1965. Chris has focused his talent on everything from long boarding in crystal clear paradise to

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Col Albert Benson

Colonel Albert Benson was a true icon on the North Shore. After serving in multiple wars, he retired to Hawaii with his family and became interested not just in photography, but also in filmmaking, contributing to films like Cosmic Children

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Dan Merkel

Dan Merkel has been one of surfing’s legendary lensmen for 30+ years. Dan “the Man Mountain” (nicknamed by Gerry Lopez) is responsible for some of the “Free Ride” era’s most memorable images. His insatiable appetite for the best shot has

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John Jones

“I got into photography to capture those chicken skin moments when nature just puts on a show,” reminisces Santa Cruz, California, native and Hawaii resident John Jones. Inspired by the iconic images of Don James, a dentist from LA who

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Kirk Aider

Kirk Lee Aeder grew up in La Jolla, California where he developed a strong passion for photojournalism. Initially Kirk had little interest in surfing, but soon became inspired by his friend, classmate, and prodigy surfer Chris O’Rourke. During the mid

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Lance Trout

As a young surfer from Florida, Lance Trout dreamed of riding waves at the famed Sunset Beach. “I had always watched it on television. ABC’s Wide World of Sports would air surf contests there with the great surfers in the

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Larry “Flame” Moore

Larry “Flame” Moore became a dedicated surfer during his teenage years, despite living inland in Whittier, California. Moore attended college at California State University at Long Beach, majoring in health education with a minor in photography. He was passionate about

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Larry Pierce

Growing up in Hawaii, Larry Pierce started surfing at age 14. His first shots came in ‘67 when his brother gifted him a Nikonos. “I can recall during the high school days on Oahu photographing Kaisers Bowl on the south

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Ralph Cipolla

Camera hobbyist Ralph Cipolla photographed his brother and friends surfing around their hometown breaks of Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Trips up and down the East Coast and to Puerto Rico furthered his passion for riding waves himself, as well as

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Shirley Rogers

“When I moved to the North Shore in 1971, there were very few women living out there,” remembers Shirley Rogers, a Hawaiian born surfer, model, photographer, and actress. “It was like the Wild West, and even being local didn’t help

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Tim Bernardy

“I graduated from high school in 1970 and lived in a VW bus at Ala Moana Park that summer, surfing the South Shore but not shooting it,” says Southern Californian Tim Bernardy. “I picked up photography at CSUF while working

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Tom Sutherland

Photographer/Filmmaker Tom Sutherland was raised on the beaches of Honolulu, Hawaii. Always a waterman, he would go on early morning swims with his mentor Fred Van Dyke before his training with the Punahou swim team. After school he would go

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