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Photo of the day

Photographer Unknown
Surfer Unknown
August 7, 1972

Photo of the day

In the 1970's I remember going thru the mag and seeing these ads for large murals that were available for purchase to put on your wall. Here is a classic shot that sold us this idea.

photographer unknown

A sad day for Surfing

I received a call last night from Larry Moore's sister Celeste yesterday telling me we lost another soldier of our sport. Sean Collins created something that as surfers we rely on everyday and will continue to rely on. He created it for the love of the sport and that is Surfline. I only wish I had the opportunity to capture his stories as I have done for others. RIP Sean

Photo of the Day.

Oregon Surf Crew
Unknown Surfer's
Unknown Photographer


Dan Merkel Phtographer
Gerry Lopez Surfer
Pipeline 1971

Merry Christmas to ALL!!

These images were given to me from Bobby Owens as well as a story he shared with me for my film. Being Christmas I thought it was appropriate to share these as Bobby's family did for so many surfer's who were on the tour. The Owens Family had an open door policy and gave Holiday peace to all.

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

Photos of the day. Can you name who is in the photo?

Dan Merkel Photographer
Beach Scene 1971-72

Happy Holidays to ALL!

HappyHolidays from Larry Bertlemann

Photo of the day

photographer Dan Merkel
surfer Buttons
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