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In The Shaping Room with Randy Sleigh

I had the opportunity to spend some time yesterday with shaper Randy Sleigh & Rory in the shaping room as Rich was finishing a board. Rich as been shaping since the 1970's and has a reputation of being a man with magic hands.



Thanks North Shore Film Fest

Last night was our screening on the North Shore at Turtle Bay. It was an amazing turnout  as people packed the room to see the film. It was even more of an honor when Jock Sutherland, Duncan Campbell, Dan Merkel, Larry Bertlemann & Buttons all were there to take the stage and enjoy the moment. Bt there was a bigger surprise when Reno appeared to see the film and join the stage as well.

more images from the Northshore dinner

Here are some more images shot by photographer Ben Somkin. Ben was able to capture the moment when I was giving them prints of themselves from the 1970's for there families to have and share.

North Shore Dinner with the guys

Last night I hosted a dinner for all the guys in the film. We sat out back of Duncan Campbell's cafe outside as Rory Russell, Jock Sutherland, Buttons & Duncan all shared stories as well as enjoyed hanging out. I gave them all posters as well as made them large format prints of themselves surfing when they were all young.

Tonight the film will be screened and Larry Bertlemann & Dan Merkel will also be joining them al together at Turtle Bay. Should be a memorable evening for all.

Yallin Up in Australia is official

Just got the official program where "Lost & Found" and good friend Pierce Kavanaugh of "Manufacturing Stoke" both have are films playing.


I have being really busy trying to create a site like no other. A place where people can see and get the stoke of viewing this collection as well as representing the photographers in a respected way. The patience is finally paying off as I hope to share with everyone in the next few days. The new web address will be

here is an amazing shot of Buttons!

Happy Thanksgiving

This time of the year, whether in good economic times or bad, is when we gather with our family and friends and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together. It marks a remembrance of those early Pilgrim Fathers who crossed the uncharted ocean from Europe to make a new start in Plymouth, Massachusetts. What is less appreciated is that Thanksgiving also is a celebration of the birth of free enterprise in America.

new art from Chris Robb

Chris has been a surfer/artist for years and his latest work is proving he is in his groove.


Thanks to Travis at Surfing Mag for writing the kind words in this months issue on the film!!

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