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Kind words from Carmel

Ok you people in the industry.... keep your eyes open for Director & Editor DOUG WALKER. Mark my words!! And you should all work with him!!  I saw a Second film of his today, another great one. When does a filmmaker have TWO films in One Festival?? Super super Talented. InSightful, Sensitive, Multi-Faceted. He has a very Special Touch. You heard it here first!

‎Was floored by the Sensitivity and Craftsmanship of the first film that she saw today at the Carmel Art + Film Festival. A story-Upon-a-story, first of Serendipity in the Accidental Discovery at the Pasadena Flea Market of a box containing 30,000 images. Then of the Quest to track down, identify, and interview many of the still-living Photographers and Surfers whose History was Held Hidden for Decades in that treasure box. Threaded throughout w incredible archival film footage & still photographs, the stories they tell of that unique time in American Cultural History weave a rich and resonant tapestry. Lost and Found is Masterful Storytelling, full of Nuance and Luminous Spirit. When this special film finds a Distributor, GO SEE IT.

From Carmel to San Diego. Cmon out and catch a screening

Just returned home and am now heading to the California Surf Fest where we are screening Saturday at 8:30 in Oceanside.

Thanks New York Surf Film Fest!!!

"Lost & Found" screens this evening in Carmel

I am honored.

It is an honor to be invited to the Carmel Film Festival this thursday night to share "Lost & Found" The Carmel Film Festival has a prestigious reputation and I thank them for taking the time to look at this film. There are so many other Surf Films that deserve this kind of attention. Maybe this is just the beginning for what Surfing has to come.

Check out the Q&A from NYC with Dan Merkel & Aaron Chang

It was an honor to share the Q&A with these guys as we all took the stage to answer questions as well as enjoy the rest of the evening.

LOST & FOUND Q&A with Dan Merkel & Aaron Chang

Lost & Found Screening at the Carmel Film Festival

Lost & Found was just asked to be screened at the Carmel Film Festival Oct 13 @ 4pm. This is a festival that has an amazing reputation and created by Legendary Film Maker Clint Eastwood and I am truly honored to share this film with the Carmel community.

Thanks X-dance and REDBULL

The film screened with success as Dan Merkel did  q&a while I skyped in live from the UK.

British surf film Festival

Thanks so much to the British Film Festival and all the amazing people of Newquay!!

Lost & Found is UK BOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spent the week in NYC with Aaron Chang & Dan Merkel. Was with Dan all day as I captured the soul of the legendary photographer capturing the city through his eyes and Panoramic Camera!


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