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Lost & Found Screening at the Carmel Film Festival

Lost & Found was just asked to be screened at the Carmel Film Festival Oct 13 @ 4pm. This is a festival that has an amazing reputation and created by Legendary Film Maker Clint Eastwood and I am truly honored to share this film with the Carmel community.

Thanks X-dance and REDBULL

The film screened with success as Dan Merkel did  q&a while I skyped in live from the UK.

British surf film Festival

Thanks so much to the British Film Festival and all the amazing people of Newquay!!

Lost & Found is UK BOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spent the week in NYC with Aaron Chang & Dan Merkel. Was with Dan all day as I captured the soul of the legendary photographer capturing the city through his eyes and Panoramic Camera!





Darby Curts and Petra Kavanagh


Dan Merkel & Aaron Chang are on flights heading to NYC for the Premiere of "Lost & Found" tomorrow night @7pm for the New York Film Festival

This Just in from JIM BANKS!!

  • hey doug! i've had to return to bali early. you might want to get over here sooner... major upheaval in .... natural disasters of an unprecedented level in the US between sep 20 -27 predicted by a source that's never been wrong for me.... unfortunately the info is not specific, some places will be safe and some not... if you don't want to leave, ask to be guided to a safe place.... take great care and discuss this with your friends...i realise that i risk looking like an idiot here, but i would rather risk looking like an idiot than knowing people lost their live cos i didn't say anything about this!

Film Maker Essentials.

Hangin with Film Maker Pierce Kavanagh from "Manufacturing Stoke"

Met Pierce at the Film Makers party tonight in NYC sponsored by Surfing Magazine & Nike. His film has soul like "Lost & Found" and we hit it off. "Manufacturing Stoke" screens tomorrow night. check it out!!



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