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Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day.
Classic Rory Russell & Alan Sarlo, Not sure who's in the car.

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Photo of the day

I started scanning back to 1973 and have discovered gems like this one. Its been amazing to see 1979 for the past few weeks then to jump back as you see no leashes (legropes) and killer style on single fins.

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Photo of the day/FOLLOW THE LIGHT

As I was scanning images from 1979 I turned to the next proofsheet of the collection. It was sheet #152 and it was a product shoot done by Larry "Flame" Moore. For those who do not know, Larry was the Photo editor for Surfing Magazine curating some of the best Photographers like Merkel, Chang, Barbour, Trout, Hornbaker and many others. The amazing thing about this sheet #152 is that there are 36 exposures and exposure #35 & #36 he set the camera up taking two self portraits.. I sent the images to Larry's sister to confirm if this was him and she confirmed that it is.  I find these two images amazing because Larry passed in Oct 2005 and has left behind so many memories but also the Follow The Light Foundation giving back to up and coming photographers. I guess if I were to title these images I would title them FOLLOW THE LIGHT.

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OCT 23,2012

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Yesterday's first posting of 1979 reunited Photographer Lance Trout with an image he captured of Sunset Beach. Well, here we go with the 2nd image of '79. Lets see what happens.

The Katin PRO Team Challenge

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A new era

I just got home after being away working for the past month and have decided its time to hit the scanner. As I opened the bin I grabbed the first envelope that caught my eye. The year 1979. I was 14 years old and was frothing every month for the next issue of either surfing or surfer mag. I spent 2 hours tonight scanning about 20 images seeing surfing making a change from the previous images. It was still about style yet you start to see the impatience as now this new crew want to throw the board around. Im looking forward to entering this era as we start to see the evolution of the 80's.

Lost & Found II?

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As the films winds down its tour at festivals thats when the opening of the years and scanning continues. I've only seen about 3% and am looking forward to sharing history. For those who didn't have a chance to see the film I will have DVD's avail for the holidays.

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Great shot of George Greenough.

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A young MR on a lightning bolt. This was the guy that gave so many of us inspiration.

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I have only looked at about 1-2% of this collection and have been in aww of the 70's images. But the other night I randomly ventured into the 80's. Here is some 1980's love. More to come soon.

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This morning on my run so many thoughts swirl thru your head as I ponder about this collection of work. Everyday I post and image and see the memories of words added daily. I am so greatful that these images were found. It has allowed me to tell stories and share. Imagine if these boxes were never found or destroyed. History would be gone. So here is todays photo that to says history as to onlookers are in aw of Gerry Lopez and his board.

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He was born on August 7, 1955 and has a laugh that outs a smile on your face. He is also known as the "rubberman". Yes, Larry Bertlemann has inspired so many of us with his surfing and today is his Birthday so I thought it would be great to acknowledge him. I was honored to spend time with him while making "Lost & Found"

Happy Birthday Larry!!

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Here is a classic shot that I shared withe Buttons during our interview. It was taken on the south shore as Buttons lives in the middle of the frame surrounded by the crew. Classic time. boards & people.

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Photo of the day

In the 1970's I remember going thru the mag and seeing these ads for large murals that were available for purchase to put on your wall. Here is a classic shot that sold us this idea.

photographer unknown



Thanks North Shore Film Fest

Last night was our screening on the North Shore at Turtle Bay. It was an amazing turnout  as people packed the room to see the film. It was even more of an honor when Jock Sutherland, Duncan Campbell, Dan Merkel, Larry Bertlemann & Buttons all were there to take the stage and enjoy the moment. Bt there was a bigger surprise when Reno appeared to see the film and join the stage as well.

Yallin Up in Australia is official

Just got the official program where "Lost & Found" and good friend Pierce Kavanaugh of "Manufacturing Stoke" both have are films playing.

new art from Chris Robb

Chris has been a surfer/artist for years and his latest work is proving he is in his groove.

A collection of stories from the film.

Here is a collection of stories from "Lost & Found" These will be up on the new site and linked to images for everyone to finally see.


This just came out. Really interesting the things that are ending up in storage units. I still do not know for sure but still feel that these images came out of storage unit like this.,ca


Lost & Found showing in SPAIN!

la increíble historia de “Lost and Found” del director americano Doug Walker

California Surf Festival PHOTOS by Darby walker Curts

BEHIND THE LENS with Dan Merkel

I had the chance to spend the day with Dan Merkel after the Premiere in NY for "Lost & Found" Here is what I captured as I followed him throughout the day.

Candy Moore.

Candy Moore attended the California Surf Festival and was able to screen the film for the first time. I just returned home from San Diego to receive these kind words.

When you touch others when making films, you know you have done your job as a film maker.

Last night was amazing and I can not begin to tell you how impressed I was by your film.  It was so well produced and captivating.  You must understand that even though I was married to Larry for 31 years….we did not talk shop and I have been relatively ignorant.  I have told Celeste all along that I know more today about  what  Larry  did than I did when he was alive.  Don’t get me wrong, we talked, but we had a very full life independent of what our careers demanded.  We loved our life together and just supported our independent adventures..  All the best with the film and please keep me posted.  I am not a facebook  follower as I have always been a private person. Celeste so makes up for my social ineptitude.  Blessings to all of your family.


Dan Merkel & Aaron Chang are on flights heading to NYC for the Premiere of "Lost & Found" tomorrow night @7pm for the New York Film Festival

Hangin with Film Maker Pierce Kavanagh from "Manufacturing Stoke"

Met Pierce at the Film Makers party tonight in NYC sponsored by Surfing Magazine & Nike. His film has soul like "Lost & Found" and we hit it off. "Manufacturing Stoke" screens tomorrow night. check it out!!



Showing of Trailer at Follow The Light Party

On Tuesday night in Huntington Beach Aaron Chang could not have said kinder words before introducing me and letting me share my story. It was the first time to let people hear it from me and it resonated thru the room. The Trailer was a success as everyone wanted more.

It's all about the journey.

Thank you so much Aaron, Candy & Celeste for the support

Proofsheets 0556-0560

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