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Bronzed Aussies

Formed in Australia in 1976, the Bronzed Aussies were surfing's first commercial ambassadors in the predawn era of professionalism. The brainchild of Sydney Daily Mirror journalist Mike Hurst and three of Oz's top pros at the time, Mark Warren, Ian "Kanga" Cairns and pink fetishist Peter Townend (nee "PT"), the group took their name from an old adage for sun-baked beach boys and their inspiration from the '60s cadre of Aussie tennis players -- Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, John Newcombe -- who'd barnstormed that sport, raising both the financial stakes and media awareness tenfold in the process.

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Last night was the Follow the Light  event in Huntington Beach where local photographer Shawn Parkin won the Grant this year proving the importance of what Larry "flame" Moore created. With that said here is a classic shot of a YOUNG pt killing it!!

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Yesterday's posting of PT at his desk with his typewriter was a shot that created great conversations. PT remembered traveling with that typewriter everywhere around the world. And so the stories continue as I got a call from Reno yesterday asking if I had any prints that he could use for a speaking event that he is going to be hosting at the Surfer Bar at Turtle Bay. It's been amazing to reunite these guys with images from their past.

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Been traveling and finally back to the daily photo! Here is a shot of a young PT workin at the magazine desk. We are also getting ready for the Newport Bech Film Fest. Tickets are available at:

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Here is a young PT. Looks like he just won surfer of the year as he holds a check in his mouth and a trophy on the table. Also at the table it appears to be Rory Russell & Simon Anderson


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