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As I was scanning images from 1979 I turned to the next proofsheet of the collection. It was sheet #152 and it was a product shoot done by Larry "Flame" Moore. For those who do not know, Larry was the Photo editor for Surfing Magazine curating some of the best Photographers like Merkel, Chang, Barbour, Trout, Hornbaker and many others. The amazing thing about this sheet #152 is that there are 36 exposures and exposure #35 & #36 he set the camera up taking two self portraits.. I sent the images to Larry's sister to confirm if this was him and she confirmed that it is.  I find these two images amazing because Larry passed in Oct 2005 and has left behind so many memories but also the Follow The Light Foundation giving back to up and coming photographers. I guess if I were to title these images I would title them FOLLOW THE LIGHT.

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photo of the day

As 1979 unfolds we come across great images like this.

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Thanks to Travis at Surfing Mag for writing the kind words in this months issue on the film!!

This just came out. Really interesting the things that are ending up in storage units. I still do not know for sure but still feel that these images came out of storage unit like this.,ca

1978 sheets 0021-0025

The beautiful Rell Sunn

Often referred to as the "Queen of Makaha," Rell was the quintessential water-woman, excelling at all watersports, including surfing, bodysurfing, spearfishing, and open-water outrigger canoeing. In the early 70's, Rell was instrumental in establishing the Women's Professional Surfing Association and founding the women's pro surfing tour in which she twice finished third in the year end rankings.  Despite all of her accomplishments, Rell Sunn remained a completely humble and unselfish person, and might easily have been called the "Queen of Aloha" for the spirit she carried with her, and the enthusiasm she devoted to every aspect of her life. We have compiled a number of stories and tributes about Rell Sunn that are published on this site to share with the world, If you have any stories, or photos that you would like to share with us

Beautiful BUTTONS Sequence

Lost & Found showing in SPAIN!

la increíble historia de “Lost and Found” del director americano Doug Walker

California Surf Festival PHOTOS by Darby walker Curts

1978 sheets 0011-0015

1978 sheets 0006-0010

BEHIND THE LENS with Dan Merkel

I had the chance to spend the day with Dan Merkel after the Premiere in NY for "Lost & Found" Here is what I captured as I followed him throughout the day.

Candy Moore.

Candy Moore attended the California Surf Festival and was able to screen the film for the first time. I just returned home from San Diego to receive these kind words.

When you touch others when making films, you know you have done your job as a film maker.

Last night was amazing and I can not begin to tell you how impressed I was by your film.  It was so well produced and captivating.  You must understand that even though I was married to Larry for 31 years….we did not talk shop and I have been relatively ignorant.  I have told Celeste all along that I know more today about  what  Larry  did than I did when he was alive.  Don’t get me wrong, we talked, but we had a very full life independent of what our careers demanded.  We loved our life together and just supported our independent adventures..  All the best with the film and please keep me posted.  I am not a facebook  follower as I have always been a private person. Celeste so makes up for my social ineptitude.  Blessings to all of your family.

I am honored.

It is an honor to be invited to the Carmel Film Festival this thursday night to share "Lost & Found" The Carmel Film Festival has a prestigious reputation and I thank them for taking the time to look at this film. There are so many other Surf Films that deserve this kind of attention. Maybe this is just the beginning for what Surfing has to come.

Check out the Q&A from NYC with Dan Merkel & Aaron Chang

It was an honor to share the Q&A with these guys as we all took the stage to answer questions as well as enjoy the rest of the evening.

LOST & FOUND Q&A with Dan Merkel & Aaron Chang

Lost & Found Screening at the Carmel Film Festival

Lost & Found was just asked to be screened at the Carmel Film Festival Oct 13 @ 4pm. This is a festival that has an amazing reputation and created by Legendary Film Maker Clint Eastwood and I am truly honored to share this film with the Carmel community.

Thanks X-dance and REDBULL

The film screened with success as Dan Merkel did  q&a while I skyped in live from the UK.

British surf film Festival

Thanks so much to the British Film Festival and all the amazing people of Newquay!!

Lost & Found is UK BOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spent the week in NYC with Aaron Chang & Dan Merkel. Was with Dan all day as I captured the soul of the legendary photographer capturing the city through his eyes and Panoramic Camera!





Dan Merkel & Aaron Chang are on flights heading to NYC for the Premiere of "Lost & Found" tomorrow night @7pm for the New York Film Festival

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