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Well, Its been a while since I have had time to sit down and contribute to the blog. But tonight I thought I would make time. It has been an amazing journey while I still gather stories but came across tonights image and after listening to a story about Shaun Tomson from Photographer Shirley Rogers, I had to post it. Here is young Shaun on the North Shore.

Share & enjoy the ALOHA!!


Share & enjoy the ALOHA!!


Yes this image was posted yesterday. But Photographer Lance Trout confirmed that he had take this shot in 1979. Here is what Lance had to say about that day he captured this image.

Photographer Lance Trout
This image was posted yesterday as part of the “Lost & Found Collection” and by discovery Lance Trout was the Photographer who captured the shot in 1979. I reached out to Lance yesterday and here are his words of that special day on the North Shore:

If I am correct . That day was a little too big for Pipeline , and I lived across the street from Sunset , so I parked myself there for several hours . I used the SURFING Magazine 1000mm lens on my Nikon body , and was stationed on the west side of the Sunset Beach bay . You have a very pulled perspective there , but sometimes the elements flow together . Loved that perspective , yet I knew it lacked punch at most of the time .
Still , it was neat to see the heavy swell interact on the reef , and the deep channel ….

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Ive been sending proofsheets to legendary photographer Lance Trout to identify images. Here is a shot that Lance took of Mark Richards at the Smirnoff event at Waimea in in 1975. Lance will be one of the Photographers featured at the event at Aaron Chang's Gallery with dates coming soon.

Here is Lance's site to check out more.

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