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Last night was the Follow the Light  event in Huntington Beach where local photographer Shawn Parkin won the Grant this year proving the importance of what Larry "flame" Moore created. With that said here is a classic shot of a YOUNG pt killing it!!

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Here is a combined shot of the teacher and his students. Larry Moore believed in all these guys. Bob Barbour, Lance Trout, Dan Merkel & Aaron Chang. These are the guys who are responsible for making Surfing Magazine what it is today. I also felt this was appropriate to share as Larry Moore's Follow The Light Foundation gives a $5000.00 grant to the winning up and coming photographer every year.

Submissions are open and submissions must be received no later than Friday, April 13 2012.

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California Surf Festival PHOTOS by Darby walker Curts

Candy Moore.

Candy Moore attended the California Surf Festival and was able to screen the film for the first time. I just returned home from San Diego to receive these kind words.

When you touch others when making films, you know you have done your job as a film maker.

Last night was amazing and I can not begin to tell you how impressed I was by your film.  It was so well produced and captivating.  You must understand that even though I was married to Larry for 31 years….we did not talk shop and I have been relatively ignorant.  I have told Celeste all along that I know more today about  what  Larry  did than I did when he was alive.  Don’t get me wrong, we talked, but we had a very full life independent of what our careers demanded.  We loved our life together and just supported our independent adventures..  All the best with the film and please keep me posted.  I am not a facebook  follower as I have always been a private person. Celeste so makes up for my social ineptitude.  Blessings to all of your family.

Showing of Trailer at Follow The Light Party

On Tuesday night in Huntington Beach Aaron Chang could not have said kinder words before introducing me and letting me share my story. It was the first time to let people hear it from me and it resonated thru the room. The Trailer was a success as everyone wanted more.

It's all about the journey.

Thank you so much Aaron, Candy & Celeste for the support

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