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Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day.
Classic Rory Russell & Alan Sarlo, Not sure who's in the car.

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A new era

I just got home after being away working for the past month and have decided its time to hit the scanner. As I opened the bin I grabbed the first envelope that caught my eye. The year 1979. I was 14 years old and was frothing every month for the next issue of either surfing or surfer mag. I spent 2 hours tonight scanning about 20 images seeing surfing making a change from the previous images. It was still about style yet you start to see the impatience as now this new crew want to throw the board around. Im looking forward to entering this era as we start to see the evolution of the 80's.

Lost & Found II?

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A quiver of magic.

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During the filming of 'Big Wednesday,' both John Milius and Jan Michael Vincent did quite a bit of surfing on location in El Salvadore, at Coho Point and at Sunset Beach.  By the end of the filming, they were in probably the best surfing shape of their lives. In this picture, we are standing on the beach at Sunset and I'm guess I'm pointing out some of the intricacies of this complex spot.  This was before surf leashes so the most important thing would be as much information as possible about how to swim in after losing a surfboard in the line-up and not losing it completely in the rip currents in the channel afterwards. By the expressions on their faces, I must have been making an impression because they sure look like they're paying complete attention..... Gerry Lopez

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Sometimes I sit down and I begin to write but never quite know how to express myself. So tonight I grabbed the dog and escaped to nature. As the wind quietly blew I could see what I needed to say as it cleared the air.

SURFING. What is it? It gives us so much. It allows us to share and express ourselves with authority allowing us to be seeing in way we are not seen on shore. These are the things that make me realize how important it is to SHARE. As I posted a small thing about Rory Russell shaping boards and selling history I realized how important it is. Yes there were many others who passed this STOKE along and have moved on from this life. But its the ones who remain that we must listen to their stories and support them. Life is fast and sometimes is taken from us to early. So lets support history before the concrete dries on the walk of fame.

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I first me Rory Russell while making "Lost & Found". As soon as we met I shared images with him and we had a connection. Rory grew up on the north shore surfing the PIPE and having guys like Gerry Lopez & Jock Sutherland taking him under their wing. Today Rory still share the same STOKE as he finds himself back in the shaping room. He phoned me tonight as he was excited about just finishing 2 Limited Edition black "Pipeliners" number 001 & 002. Contact us thru the site and we will put you in touch with Rory.

I guess history does repeat itself after all.

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Every winter is another year as the swells approach the north shore. With that stories and memories have been captured for years giving us all the stoke and dreams to make things a reality. Here is a great shot from the early 70's as a building swell is approaching. Let the stories continue for generations to come.

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Back the there were no leashes. Just one fin & pure heart. Jock Sutherland said "Everyone had to be a good swimmer and sometimes they would take food in the water like an apple or orange since we were having 4-5 hour sessions."

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Here is a classic shot that I shared withe Buttons during our interview. It was taken on the south shore as Buttons lives in the middle of the frame surrounded by the crew. Classic time. boards & people.

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thanks XDANCE

Had the opportunity to share the film as well as spend time talking to the Legendary Jack Mccoy. Seeing Jack speak about being passionate about making films and to always tell a good story made me feel like I did my job.

Aloha Jack

X dance 2012


Photographer unknown


Surfer Billy Hamilton
Photographer Unknown
Pipemasters 1971-71


Fred Hemmings, Jock Sutherland, Bill Hamilton, Jeff Hakman & others.


Classic Larry Bertlemann hanging out with Jan Michael Vincent while filming "Big Wednesday"

X-Dance 2012 Lost & Found Screening!!

Here is the official date and time.

Photo of the day

In the 1970's I remember going thru the mag and seeing these ads for large murals that were available for purchase to put on your wall. Here is a classic shot that sold us this idea.

photographer unknown

Photo of the Day.

Oregon Surf Crew
Unknown Surfer's
Unknown Photographer


Dan Merkel Phtographer
Gerry Lopez Surfer
Pipeline 1971

photos of the day

More of Dan Merkel
Roll9 1971-72

Early Dan Merkel. Shot from Shore 1971-72

Here are some images from early days of Dan Merkel. This was only the beginning of what was to come from this photographer.

new images coming.


thanks KONA

Just wanted to give a shout to to the Kona Surf Film Fest. Im really glad that the film was able to be shown.  Next stop will be X Dance then the Yallin Up Fest in Australia!!

Lost & Found in SPAIN

I received an email this morning from Spain that the film was really loved by the crowd. It screened two times and people were really stoked. Carlos who runs the Santander Festival  is hoping to take the film throughout Spain for others to see.

Dan Merkel checking out Backdoor as swell arrives

Dan Merkel is waiting for his moment to strike. Dan is extremely picky about his conditions before pulling out his panoramic camera to capture images on the the North Shore. He has arrived o the North Shore with 100 rolls of film allowing only for 4 images per roll which is a lot different then a Canon 7d or 5d shooting at multiple frames per second. This is what a professional is. This is FILM and Dan should return home with the only PANORAMICS being captured.

Thanks Buttons!

Last night we headed over to Buttons house where we all had dinner and watched the classic surf film called Many Classic Moments. It was a great night of kids, family and friends and I just want to shout out and say THANKS. Very cool brahdah!

In The Shaping Room with Randy Sleigh

I had the opportunity to spend some time yesterday with shaper Randy Sleigh & Rory in the shaping room as Rich was finishing a board. Rich as been shaping since the 1970's and has a reputation of being a man with magic hands.



Thanks North Shore Film Fest

Last night was our screening on the North Shore at Turtle Bay. It was an amazing turnout  as people packed the room to see the film. It was even more of an honor when Jock Sutherland, Duncan Campbell, Dan Merkel, Larry Bertlemann & Buttons all were there to take the stage and enjoy the moment. Bt there was a bigger surprise when Reno appeared to see the film and join the stage as well.

North Shore Dinner with the guys

Last night I hosted a dinner for all the guys in the film. We sat out back of Duncan Campbell's cafe outside as Rory Russell, Jock Sutherland, Buttons & Duncan all shared stories as well as enjoyed hanging out. I gave them all posters as well as made them large format prints of themselves surfing when they were all young.

Tonight the film will be screened and Larry Bertlemann & Dan Merkel will also be joining them al together at Turtle Bay. Should be a memorable evening for all.

new art from Chris Robb

Chris has been a surfer/artist for years and his latest work is proving he is in his groove.


Thanks to Travis at Surfing Mag for writing the kind words in this months issue on the film!!

A collection of stories from the film.

Here is a collection of stories from "Lost & Found" These will be up on the new site and linked to images for everyone to finally see.


This just came out. Really interesting the things that are ending up in storage units. I still do not know for sure but still feel that these images came out of storage unit like this.,ca

Lost & Found headed to Australia to Yallin Up Film Fest

Woke up this morning to a great email finding out that "lost and Found" is heading to OZ! We are also getting ready for Kona and the Northshore film fests in Dec.

Here are the showings to date.

NY Surf Film Fest 2011
British Surf Film Fest 2011
XDance Premiere 2011
Carmel Film Festival 2011
California Surf Film Fest 2011
Kona Surf Film Fest 2011
North Shore Film Fest 2011

We are also up for the 2011 Surfer Poll Award as well!!!


Lost & Found Heading to KONA!!

1978 sheets 0026-0030

1978 sheets 0021-0025

The beautiful Rell Sunn

Often referred to as the "Queen of Makaha," Rell was the quintessential water-woman, excelling at all watersports, including surfing, bodysurfing, spearfishing, and open-water outrigger canoeing. In the early 70's, Rell was instrumental in establishing the Women's Professional Surfing Association and founding the women's pro surfing tour in which she twice finished third in the year end rankings.  Despite all of her accomplishments, Rell Sunn remained a completely humble and unselfish person, and might easily have been called the "Queen of Aloha" for the spirit she carried with her, and the enthusiasm she devoted to every aspect of her life. We have compiled a number of stories and tributes about Rell Sunn that are published on this site to share with the world, If you have any stories, or photos that you would like to share with us

Beautiful BUTTONS Sequence

California Surf Festival PHOTOS by Darby walker Curts

1978 sheets 0011-0015

1978 sheets 0006-0010

BEHIND THE LENS with Dan Merkel

I had the chance to spend the day with Dan Merkel after the Premiere in NY for "Lost & Found" Here is what I captured as I followed him throughout the day.

Kind words from Carmel

Ok you people in the industry.... keep your eyes open for Director & Editor DOUG WALKER. Mark my words!! And you should all work with him!!  I saw a Second film of his today, another great one. When does a filmmaker have TWO films in One Festival?? Super super Talented. InSightful, Sensitive, Multi-Faceted. He has a very Special Touch. You heard it here first!

‎Was floored by the Sensitivity and Craftsmanship of the first film that she saw today at the Carmel Art + Film Festival. A story-Upon-a-story, first of Serendipity in the Accidental Discovery at the Pasadena Flea Market of a box containing 30,000 images. Then of the Quest to track down, identify, and interview many of the still-living Photographers and Surfers whose History was Held Hidden for Decades in that treasure box. Threaded throughout w incredible archival film footage & still photographs, the stories they tell of that unique time in American Cultural History weave a rich and resonant tapestry. Lost and Found is Masterful Storytelling, full of Nuance and Luminous Spirit. When this special film finds a Distributor, GO SEE IT.

Check out the Q&A from NYC with Dan Merkel & Aaron Chang

It was an honor to share the Q&A with these guys as we all took the stage to answer questions as well as enjoy the rest of the evening.

LOST & FOUND Q&A with Dan Merkel & Aaron Chang

Lost & Found Screening at the Carmel Film Festival

Lost & Found was just asked to be screened at the Carmel Film Festival Oct 13 @ 4pm. This is a festival that has an amazing reputation and created by Legendary Film Maker Clint Eastwood and I am truly honored to share this film with the Carmel community.

Lost & Found is UK BOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spent the week in NYC with Aaron Chang & Dan Merkel. Was with Dan all day as I captured the soul of the legendary photographer capturing the city through his eyes and Panoramic Camera!




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