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A time where we give, share and enjoy friends & family. Give a hug, make a call. Life is special.


Share & enjoy the ALOHA!!


Last month I was contacted by FLUX Hawaii about these images being reunited with some of the Surfer's. After making the film I hosted a dinner for them all at Duncan Campbell's place and gave them prints of themselves. Flux did a write up and did a photoshoot of they guys with there prints in front of the spots that the photos were taken. Sharing has been the most important thing about this project as well as allowing everyone the respect deserved. Here are Button's Jock Sutherland & Larry Bertlemann all with smiles.

Share & enjoy the ALOHA!!

A Buttons Sequence

Here is a great seq from proofsheet #606. After today I think its best to go back to the beginning and post proofsheet and scans so people can identify properly/

Share & enjoy the ALOHA!!


A few days ago I received a batch of negs from a guy in Alabama who spent time on the North Shore in the 70's

unknown surfer

and then received 2 more images from a guy who was at the Offshore contest in 1979.
Shaun Tomson

 It's been amazing to see the STOKE from others and the sharing of stories. This is what I believed in the moment I found the images. So with that said, here is a true classic.

Share & enjoy the ALOHA!!


Here is a classic shot of a young Buttons & Mark Lydell having dinner while touring. Not sure who the other guys is? The year was 1975.

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Thanks Buttons!

Last night we headed over to Buttons house where we all had dinner and watched the classic surf film called Many Classic Moments. It was a great night of kids, family and friends and I just want to shout out and say THANKS. Very cool brahdah!

North Shore Dinner with the guys

Last night I hosted a dinner for all the guys in the film. We sat out back of Duncan Campbell's cafe outside as Rory Russell, Jock Sutherland, Buttons & Duncan all shared stories as well as enjoyed hanging out. I gave them all posters as well as made them large format prints of themselves surfing when they were all young.

Tonight the film will be screened and Larry Bertlemann & Dan Merkel will also be joining them al together at Turtle Bay. Should be a memorable evening for all.

Beautiful BUTTONS Sequence

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