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Kind words from Carmel

Ok you people in the industry.... keep your eyes open for Director & Editor DOUG WALKER. Mark my words!! And you should all work with him!!  I saw a Second film of his today, another great one. When does a filmmaker have TWO films in One Festival?? Super super Talented. InSightful, Sensitive, Multi-Faceted. He has a very Special Touch. You heard it here first!

‎Was floored by the Sensitivity and Craftsmanship of the first film that she saw today at the Carmel Art + Film Festival. A story-Upon-a-story, first of Serendipity in the Accidental Discovery at the Pasadena Flea Market of a box containing 30,000 images. Then of the Quest to track down, identify, and interview many of the still-living Photographers and Surfers whose History was Held Hidden for Decades in that treasure box. Threaded throughout w incredible archival film footage & still photographs, the stories they tell of that unique time in American Cultural History weave a rich and resonant tapestry. Lost and Found is Masterful Storytelling, full of Nuance and Luminous Spirit. When this special film finds a Distributor, GO SEE IT.
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